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“Congrats on your brilliant, practical down-to-earth presentation at ‘The Society of Women in Taxation’ Conference!”

Mrs Olaitan Soyingbe

Polite social behaviour and the codes that define them was the subject of an enthralling session hosted by Mary-Helen C. Nnadi for boarders of our dear school over the Workers’ Day break.

It is obvious that “manners maketh man” and that’s why at Doveland High School we are intentionally grooming students for whom good manners, social grace and the culture of excellence are second nature. Thank you for the undiluted training that you delivered on April 24, 2021 ( Saturday)

Vincent Obasi
System/database Administration (ICT), Nig. Police Mortgage Bank Ltd.

MH, as noted in my earlier evaluation, is a Diamond in the rough. She epitomizes excellence-in-motion as she skillfully impacts positive changes in people’s personal and professional lives. Watching and listening to MH is a worthwhile and priceless experience very deserving. If you are contemplating and/or desirous of an impactful and rewarding change in your personal and professional life, then you need the MH- EXPERIENCE this very moment in your life!!

Dr. Anthony Adeleye
Michigan, USA

Thanks a lot, ma’am, for a wonderful session with Doveland teachers today. They really left so motivated and charged up.
Kudos to you.
We will get back to you on the proposed workshop with our staff.

Executive Director
Executive Director, Doveland

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