Pre-Retirement Training

Pre-Retirement Training

Pension Matter

Aside from the prescribed retirement age applicable in the public service and other sectors, depending on your out look or personal circumstances, retirement age could vary considerably
Some people may choose to retire early, before 50yrs, while others will retire later at 60yrs, or for how long their terms of employment permits

Many factors including state of health, desire to pursue other activities and very importantly, the level of financial resources and responsibilities affects retirement timing.
 For some people, the timing of retirement is not entirely up to them, sometimes accidents, ill-health and employers distress may lead to a premature retirement.
Thus, adequate planning for your financial needs in retirement is very important.
 It is necessary to ascertain ahead of time, how much income you will need to maintain your desired lifestyle during your retirement years.
In planning towards this, one may consider certain financial elements such as family responsibilities, state of health and life expectancy.

Your retirement monthly benefits is barely 25% of your monthly take home pay. 
The retirement benefits are first for an initial 15years subject to validation if the pensioner does not die. 

You lose 90% of the contacts that define you in retirement!

If you are depending on your pension in any way, form or fashion, you just might be heading down Niagara Falls without a Life jacket. Pay attention and start looking for ways to supplement your income.


“When we contemplate retirement, we tend to hone in on the financial resources required.

Money is obviously vital to any retirement plan, particularly an early retirement plan, but it isn’t all that matters, though.

Without good health, retirement might not be nearly as great as you expect it should be, which is why it is so important to incorporate wellness and fitness into your retirement plan.

Life is a whole lot easier when you can climb the stairs to your bedroom without stopping to catch your breath, rest your arthritic knees, and check your blood glucose level”. 

– Inyang Sami-Orungbe

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