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Store & Inventory Management Rationale

Inventory and store management play a vital role in the achievement of organizations goals and objectives. Hence it has become necessary for store management officers to have the pre-requisite knowledge, skills and behaviour relevant to stock value structure and strategy of store and inventory planning and management.

The workshop is therefore designed to equip participants with the basic knowledge, skills and behaviour that will enable them manage the problems pertinent to store keeping and maintenance for the achievement of efficient and effective management of inventories in their respective organizations.



At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to;

Delivery Methodology

Lectures, discussions, syndicate work, case studies and exercise. Audio-visual will be used to reinforce these learning methods.


Target Group

Store Officers and Managers, Logistics Officers, Procurement Officers, Ware­ house Officers and Managers, Operations Managers, Inventory  Controllers and Supervisors In private and public sector organizations.


Other Administration Training

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