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Dear friend, 

I had a conversation with an old friend of mine, who retired 8 years ago. 

During the conversation, she complained how the ‘retirement mistake’ she made affected her current state of life negatively, including his sex life!

She said: “the company I worked with organized a retirement training for all staff but because I was comfortable, earning a salary in 7 figures monthly, I thought that attending the pre-retirement training was a waste of my precious time…hmm

Little did I know that my job was about to ‘leave me’, 

Most of my colleagues called, so that we can go and attend the pre-retirement training together, but I Ignored them; even my very close friend, Rita!” When they knew I was determined not to attend the training, they left me.

The meeting lasted for 4 hours. I didn’t bother because it was not compulsory…

Fast forward to one year later, something tragic happened!

One faithful day, I came to the office, sat down and was about arranging my ‘TO DO’ list as usual.


I heard a knock on my office door, ‘who?’ I asked”…


It’s the Secretary. 

“Oh, come in, I said.


She handed me a letter from the Managing Director (MD). I received it and she left…


The letter was a sack letter!”


  • I know that you will not like to make the same mistake that my friend made.

Imagine being able to:

Benefits of attending our Pre-Retirement Training:

You will be financially and mentally ready for retirement.

Learn investment options and avoid being scammed.

Have self confidence and be sexually active! Yes!!

Have access to a closed Group of those who are in their 3rd Career

Have access to Business Mentors

Learn how to live healthy in retirement


“Congrats on your brilliant, practical down-to-earth presentation at ‘The Society of Women in Taxation’ Conference!”

Polite social behaviour and the codes that define them was the subject of an enthralling session hosted by Mary-Helen C. Nnadi for boarders of our dear school over the Workers’ Day break.

It is obvious that “manners maketh man” and that’s why at Doveland High School we are intentionally grooming students for whom good manners, social grace and the culture of excellence are second nature. Thank you for the undiluted training that you delivered on April 24, 2021 ( Saturday)

MH, as noted in my earlier evaluation, is a Diamond in the rough. She epitomizes excellence-in-motion as she skillfully impacts positive changes in people’s personal and professional lives. Watching and listening to MH is a worthwhile and priceless experience very deserving. If you are contemplating and/or desirous of an impactful and rewarding change in your personal and professional life, then you need the MH- EXPERIENCE this very moment in your life!!

Thanks a lot, ma’am, for a wonderful session with Doveland teachers today. They really left so motivated and charged up.
Kudos to you.
We will get back to you on the proposed workshop with our staff.

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Who We are

Meet Ms. Mary Helen Nnadi

Mary-Helen is a John Maxwell Certified Business Executive Coach and a Learning & Career Development Expert with over 20 years of progressive experience in the Financial and Capital Market Industries respectively. She has a special interest in Customer Relationship Management/Business/Income Growth, Personal Development and Performance Optimization of Academic Instructors (Teachers)….among others.

Mary-Helen (MH) has been helping individuals and Corporate Organizations to exponentially increase their productivity and profit through her learning interventions and Coaching programme: “Take the Elevator” with Mary Helen.

MH is a certified Management Trainer and a Learning & Career Development expert with demonstrated history of designing and successfully implementing growth strategies that helped organizations to achieve their business and growth agenda in Nigeria.

She was Deputy Director/Divisional Head, Learning & Career Development at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC);

Head, Diamond Bank Training School, Lagos, Regional Co-ordinator, Diamond Bank Regional Training School, Abuja and was appointed Dean, Diamond Bank Academy, Lagos in 2011.

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