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Life Strategy/Leadership

Recent studies indicate that emotional intelligence is a powerful key to effective leadership.  intelligent leader.

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Inventory and store management play a vital role in the achievement of organizations goals and objectives.

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Human Resources

Whether you work in the public sector, a parastatal or a private company there is no question that employee…

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Excellent Customer Service

As the world becomes more of a global village, and Nigeria opens up to the Inter­ national Community…

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The consultants behind this training have enough experience to execute this assignment at the highest level of competence.

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Aside from the prescribed retirement age applicable in the public service and other sectors, depending on your out look …

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About Mary Helen Nnadi

Mary Helen Nnadi is a John Maxwell Certified Business Executive Coach and a Learning & Career Development Expert with over 20 years progressive experience in the Financial and Capital Market Industries respectively. She has special interest in Customer Relationship Management/Business/Income Growth, Personal Development and Performance Optimization of Academic Instructors (Teachers)….among others

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Embracing your 3rd Career

Helping you to retire in comfort and style

After decades of working and saving, you can finally see retirement on the horizon.

Now is the time to plan! As Investment Experts that have helped many people to plan their retirement with great success, it is our pleasure to help you activate today, the same critical steps that helped those other people (intending retirees in all sectors); to ensure they have what they need to enjoy a comfortable retirement lifestyle…

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Great work MH,

It’s amazing how you are simply a rare and unprecedented gift… Your kind is needed to teach the importance of social franchise. 😊

More grace 💪🏼🌹

Talle Davidson.

MH, as noted in my earlier evaluation, is a Diamond in the rough. She epitomizes excellence-in-motion as she skillfully impacts positive changes in people’s personal and professional lives. Watching and listening to MH is a worthwhile and priceless experience very deserving. If you are contemplating and/or desirous of an impactful and rewarding change in your personal and professional life, then you need the MH- EXPERIENCE this very moment in your life!!

Dr. Anthony Adeleye
Chairman, USA

Thanks a lot, ma’am, for a wonderful session with Doveland teachers today . They really left so motivated and charged up.
Kudos to you.
We will get back to you on the proposed workshop with our staff.

Executive Director